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At Norris Tire & Auto Center in Champaign, IL we appreciate it when our customers take the time write a review about our auto, we like to share the news because it is easy for us to say that we're the company you should call when you need quality auto but we know it means a whole lot more when your customers say the same thing.

Please read these valued customer reviews

I've taken three different cars to these guys (2011 Corolla, 2003 Golf GTI VR6, 2012 Civic SI), and every time, the work has been very reasonably priced (sometimes lower than expected), and the work they do is excellent, AND they stand by their work.

One time my wife's Corolla's brakes started squealing not even 6 months after we had our brakes done here, and we brought it back to them to see what was wrong. Turns out something had worked loose and there was metal-on-metal scraping. They checked their records and found we took our car there to have the brakes done months ago, so they didn't charge us for the work! I thought, really? That was months ago. You're sure? He said, "Well, we were the last ones to work on the brakes, so if something came loose, that's on us. No charge." That's just one of many things that separates these guys from other shops.

Very professional and friendly, excellent work, and reasonable prices. Can't ask for more!

-By Gregor -July 2016

Great service and great price. Got an oil change, rotation and fixed a leaky tire for $65 total. They seem upfront and do not push the upsell like many places. My only complaint is they do not take appointments so if they are busy you may be waiting a while.

-By Trevor T.-April 2016

If you live in the Champagne area and need auto work, you need to go here. We were in town from Dallas. The transmission cooling hose come out of the radiator and lost about all our fluid.
They worked us in a little later that day. They were very honest, the hose was able to fit back on without having to buy another hose. The bill was extremely fair and it is great to know there are nice, honest shops out there.
Being stranded so far from home, they could have taken advantage of us and we would be forced to pay.
Thank You Norris Tire and Auto Center. You turned a bad situation into a small bump in the road.

-By Paul P.-January 2016

I have gone to Norris Tire for over seven years and they provide extremely good and honest service. I have purchased tires from them, gotten regular oil changes and beyond and could not ask for better service. I would highly recommend them.

-By Nancy L.-December 2015
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